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Tradiční materiál, neskutečné možnosti!
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The insulated Biohort design annexe CasaNova® not only impresses with its modern appearance and all year-round functionality, but can also be easily customised to suit each owner’s individual requirements. We have now added a new fully glazed wall element to the existing selection of window, door and garage door options; it has been developed with the aim of increasing the comfort CasaNova® already offers and leaves you free to choose how you wish to use CasaNova®; as an equipment store, a workshop or a hobby room; or as a storage space for your plants during winter or thanks to the addition of our new sauna module a place to sweat and relax.

U CasaNova® jsou k dispozici 2 barvy: (stříbrná a tm. šedá metalíza) a 9 velikostí: (3×2, 3×3, 3×4, 3×5, 3×6, 4×2, 4×4, 4×5, 4×6).

Barevné provedení

Innumerable advantages

  • SiegelWandmade of high-quality materials: extruded aluminum sections and composite panels made ​​of hot-dipped galvanised, polyamid coated steel plate with an insulated core of 40mm expanded polystyrene (EPS20)
  • can be heated thanks to insulated design: U-value of sidewalls = 0,76 W/(m²K)
  • sturdy construction: will withstand snow loads of up to 215 kg/m² (minus additional roof loading such as 'green roof')
  • screws and hinges made from stainless steel
  • no screws or bolts visible from the outside
  • 20 year guarantee against corrosion
  • lifelong maintenance free – no need for additional painting
  • secure against unwanted intrusion - supplied with cylinder lock
  • "Green Roof" option possibility
  • flexible assembly thanks to modular design
  • detailed assembly manual incl. 3D-drawings



2 Standard exterior colours: metallic silver, metallic dark grey

Standard interior colour: grey-white

Poznámka: the product colours shown on our website may differ from the real product colours!
Find out more details about our product colours under the header Quality/Colours.


(In cm. Exterior dimensions include roof overhang)


Illustrated measurements are exterior dimensions, dashed lines indicate roof overhang

9 rozměrů

3 × 2 m 3 × 3 m 3 × 4 m 3 × 5 m 3 × 6 m
4 × 2 m --------- 4 × 4 m 4 × 5 m 4 × 6 m

Standard equipment for Annexe CasaNova


Single door

Supplied with stainless steel door handle and cylinder lock (incl. spare key), prevents unwanted access and is approved by insurance companies. The door is designed to be particularly robust and stable.

Dimensions: 90x198 cm.

The direction in which the door opens (to the left or right) can be chosen by the customer. The door can be fitted on all sides.


Gas assisted spring damper

Assists not only when opening and closing the door, but also holds the door in the desired position.


360° Acrylic glass-fanlight

Ensures adequate daylight illumination from all sides within CasaNova.

The acrylic glass fanlight can be opened on 2 sides to improve ventilation.


Low ground sill

Allows heavy equipment to be moved in and out of CasaNova; smoothly, comfortably and with a minimum of effort.
Height: 26mm.


2 gutters with rainwater downpipes

Guarantee a smooth and efficient run-off of rainwater from the roof.


Modern flat roof

Constructed from 3-layer plywood panels and robust UV resistant and root proof EPDM rubber sheeting. The roof can be insulated on-site with XPS-hard foam panels. The roof construction makes a “green roof” a real practical possibilty.
The sloped roof with an angle of 1% is invisible from outside and ensures good drainage.

Standard equipment supplied with other products:

  • Garden Shed Europa
  • Equipment Locker
Montagepauschale CasaNova auf Anfrage

Montagepauschale CasaNova auf Anfrage

Für die professionelle Montage Ihres CasaNova® erstellen wir Ihnen gerne ein individuelles Angebot. Legen Sie diesen Artikel in den Warenkorb und wir kontaktieren Sie umgehend! Hier finden Sie die genauen Montagebedingungen!
Ihr Vorteil: alles aus einer Hand!

Aluminium floor frame

Aluminium floor frame

Gives the Annexe the necessary stability even without a concrete foundation. The ground anchors supplied ensure a secure, storm-proof anchorage. The use of the floor frame must be planned immediately - a subsequent installation is not possible. The aluminium floor frame has a cross-section of 80 x 40 mm (W x H).

Aluminium floor panels

Aluminium floor panels

Elegant and functional panels constructed from high quality aluminium chequered plate. The floor consists of between 4 to 12 panels including connecting rails depending on Annexe size. To ensure optimal fitting of the floor panels the Biohort floor frame is required. Please note, that the aluminium floor panels with an embankment or a XPS-hard foam plate with a thickness of ca. 2-3 cm need to be underpinned (not included in the delivery).

NEW: The CasaNova sauna module

ANEW: The CasaNova sauna module

The Biohort Thermarium manufactured in a 5-corner version, allows you to fulfil the dream of owning your own sauna. With a floor space of 200 x 200 cm (interior dimensions 180 x 180 cm) it will comfortably accommodate two people. The user friendly 6 kW sauna heater with variably adjustable thermostat provides the necessary heat. Scandinavian spruce décor guarantees the original Finnish sauna character.

The Thermarium is fully equipped with corner lights, comfortable loungers, an hourglass, thermometer and complete infusion package, so that you can immediately enjoy the pleasure of using the sauna!

For those who enjoy DIY, self-assembly should present no problems thanks to the illustrated, detailed manual included in the delivery. An assembly service is also available on request.

NEW: Full length glazed wall elements

NEW: Full length glazed wall elements

The new floor to ceiling glass wall elements enhance the already elegant appearance of CasaNova® and allow extra daylight into the interior, adding to the feeling of comfort and well-being. With a fixed, insulated glass surface of 83 x 181 cm (W x H) and depending on the wall length several elements can be positioned next to one another but, please note; cannot be used as corner elements. The addition helps to visually “lighten” the appearance of CasaNova® and adds to its already imposing appearance and modern design.

Benefit from our comprehensive Biohort customer service

Here you can find product photos from our customers and the latest downloads for the Annexe CasaNova. You can also contact us to benefit from our competent assembly service in case you would like to have your product erected for you. If you need further information, please feel free to contact our Personal Advisor service.

Get a catalogue

Do you require an overview of the Biohort product range? Request a catalogue now, we look forward to your enquiry!

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Ceny / dodání

Where can I buy Biohort products?

Biohort products are available at our local distributors - see dealers in your area - or through our online shop.

Can I buy Biohort products via Internet?

Biohort products are available at our online shop.

Can I order directly from Biohort?

No, Biohort products can only be purchased at our distributors - see dealers in your area - or at our online shop.

Are deliveries to Switzerland possible?

Deliveries to Switzerland occur only through our general importer Neogard.

Do transport costs incur?

Generally not! In the following countries no transport costs arise: Austria, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, Great Britain, Ireland, Sweden, Finland and Spain.

The delivery address has to be located on the mainland and must be accessible to a 38t-lorry. We deliver Biohort products free of charge to the distributor or directly to your home address. If a delivery to an island is required please ask for the corresponding extra charges.

How much are the Biohort products?

Prices can be found at our local dealers or online at our online shop.

May I ask for a quotation for a required product?

Quotations can be requested at our local dealers or at our online shop.

Where can I buy spare parts for Biohort products?

Replacements can be purchased directly form our customer service at


Is an assembly service available?

Yes, please find our certified Biohort assembly partners and recommended prices under assembly service!

What additional costs should I expect?

We have agreed a recommended price with our Assembly Service Partners this includes VAT and. Note that this recommended price is only a guide. The following costs will be additionally charged:

  • Foundation construction (optional – this service is not offered by all of our Assembly Service Partners)
  • Waterproofing foundation (optional)
  • Disposal of packaging (optional)
  • Assembly of accessories (optional)

Please be sure to ask about additional costs before commissioning our service partners!


Can I fix a delivery date when placing the order?

Of course, you can announce a desired delivery week. Please indicate this on your order.

Are kerbside deliveries to islands possible?

For any information about deliveries to islands please contact your dealer!

The address isn't accessible to a 38t-lorry. Are deliveries with a smaller lorry possible?

Please contact your dealer if a delivery with a 38t-lorry isn't possible!

Which delivery options can I choose?

Generally, a date of delivery can only be arranged with the forwarding agency.

Deliveries are possible from Monday through Friday.

Unfortunately, an exact time of delivery cannot be arranged, since it depends on the route assigned to the forwarder.

What can I do if I'm unable to accept the delivery at the arranged date.

Please indicate any upcoming holidays, business trips etc. when placing your order. Should you for any reason be unable to accept the delivery at the prearranged date, please contact us immediately at

What should I pay attention to, when accepting the goods?

When receiving the delivery please pay particular attention in ensuring that:

  • the correct colour and size is delivered.
  • the delivery is complete (all packages are present)
  • there are no signs of damage to the packaging (even slight dents should be indicated on the packing slip)

What does "delivery free of charge" really mean?

"Delivery free of charge" means the transport from our stock to the indicated delivery address (only within mainland), kerbside (no transport into the garden or garage!).


Are special skills required to assemble Biohort products?

All Biohort products are delivered with detailed photo illustrated assembly instructions. Assembly of our products requires no specialtechnical knowledge. If you cannot perform or organise the assembly yourself, we will be glad to offer our assistance. Our certified installation contractors can be found under "construction service".


What weight of snow will the Garden Shed stand up to?

The roof of our garden sheds is extremely sturdy and can withstand snow loads of up to 150 kg/m² (CasaNova 215 kg/m²). However, avalanches can cause roof damages.

Are Biohort products resistant to stormy weather?

In order to avoid damages in case of stormy weather, all Biohort products must be secured to the ground floor using the mounting parts provided, such as anchors and dowels.

Biohort declines any kind of responsibility for damages caused by inadequate mounting of storm proof anchorage.

Are Biohort products secure against burglary?

Most Biohort storage solutions are fitted with a lockable twist-grip, a cylinder lock or a door with a profile cylinder lock.

Biohorts -Garden Shed/-Equipment Locker/-LeisureTime Box/-PAKET-BOX/-StoreMax can therefore be defined as a "lockable container" and the contents can be insured up to a defined value limit against burglary. Of course even locked Biohort products can be opened with the appropriate force. Our garden sheds "HighLine", "AvantGarde" and the annexe "CasaNova" provide the highest levels of security against burglary.

What is burglary?

When we speak of a burglary, we generally mean a ‘break-in’ or forced entry accompanied by theft. That is to say, if the burglar, by the use of force and with aid of tools, illegally-built keys or with keys that have been previously acquired by burglary or robbery, gains access to a secure building with the intent to steal property stored within.

A burglary also occurs if the offender manages to overcome barriers and barricades or to enter through openings not designed to admit access or through an act of stealth obtains access to secured premises. Finally, the entrance into and removal of objects from locked containers or premises is also defined as an act of burglary.

Péče / údržba

What sort of maintenance do Biohort products require?

Biohort products need almost no care and maintenance, due to the high quality of the materials and their careful manufacture. Just lubricate the lock and the hinges once a year. Clean the shutter guides of the StoreMax regularly resp. lubricate them with silicone spray. If the products get dirty caused by climatic and environmental influences, use only water and the Biohort CleanLine universal cleaner.

It is also possible to use a high-pressure cleaner, as long as you keep a distance of min.10 cm and use no steam cleaner. Max pressure approx. 80 bar.

For conversation of the painted surface, we recommend you the Biohort CleanLine conservation, which optimally protects the painted surface from climatic and environmental influences.

In cases of scratches, varnish the spots affected with some lacquer.

Important: Salty and/or sandy ambient air, aggressive and scrubbing cleaners, thawing salt, fertilizers and other chemical materials (never store products opened) can attack the lacquer painted and zinc surface and cause rust damages.

Claims under guarantee cannot be granted.


Are Biohort products hail resistant?

Biohort products are manufactured primarily out of high-quality sheet steel. Some components are made out of durable aluminium. Please note that the aluminium components are not as resistant to hail as those manufactured from steel.

Which roof inclination have the garden sheds?

  • Garden shed series Europa - 10°
  • Garden sheds AvantGarde M and L - 7°
  • Garden sheds AvantGarde XL and XXL - 5°
  • Garden shed HighLine - 1°
  • Annexe CasaNova - 1°

Which materials are Biohort products made of?

Biohort garden sheds have proven their quality for over 30 years. Our hot-dipped galvanised, polyamide coated steel plate is supplied by the worldwide renowned Austrian Voestalpine steel mills. Premium car manufacturers, such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi, have all placed their trust in the high quality of "Voestalpine steel" for years. It is therefore with good reason and a clear conscience that we can offer our customers a 20-year guarantee against corrosion. Some components are made out of aluminium, which means a considerable reduction in weight and adds to the durability of our products.

Are the Biohort colours assigned to match RAL numbers?

The Biohort colours do not match any RAL number, but partially have similaritities to RAL numbers:

  • White - This colour has no similarity with a RAL-colour.
  • Green - similar to RAL 6005
  • Metallic quartz grey - similar to RAL 7039
  • Metallic silver - similar to RAL 9006
  • Metallic dark grey - This colour has no similarity with a RAL-colour.
  • Grey-white (interior colour) - similar to RAL 9002

Si consiglia di guardare i campioni di colore originale presso il vostro rivenditore.

Legal considerations

"20 years guarantee" - For what, exactly?

Guarantee against rusting through of the steel panels and for defective or unserviceable parts. The following are excluded from the guarantee: damages incurred in transit (haulage company is liabe), damages incurred due to faulty or inadequate foundations, due to corrosive materials in the surroundings or the storage of such materials within our sheds and indirect or secondary damage. For wear and tear, moving parts, changes in colour, plastic- and rubber parts the statutory period of guarantee applies. Here you can find our terms of guarantee. We will gladly send the details to you on request.

Are there legal restrictions concerning the erection of Biohort garden sheds?

As a rule, no! In most countries the local building regulations permit-you to freely position sheds on your own ground. In some cases an application can be submitted afterwards to the local authorities. In many places, one is even allowed to place the shed directly along the boundary. In the assembly instructions for our sheds a "planning application" for such purposes is included. You can also download the application form directly from our website. Our tip: check with your local authorities or government before erecting the shed. Furthermore, we advise you to inform and come to an agreement with your neighbours.

Do I need to obtain planning permission/approval from my community or a magistrate before I erect a Biohort product?

As a rule, no! In most countries the local building regulations permit-you to freely position sheds on your own ground. In some cases an application can be submitted afterwards to the local authorities. In many places, one is even allowed to place the shed directly along the boundary. In the assembly instructions for our sheds a "planning application" for such purposes is included. You can also download the application form directly from our website. Our tip: check with your local authorities or government before erecting the shed. Furthermore, we advise you to inform and come to an agreement with your neighbours.

Special requirements or options

Can electrical installations be built into the Garden Shed?

Electrical installations (such as lighting, power supply, etc.) are generally permitted. Please note that any such electrical installation should only be carried out by a qualified electrician. Please ensure you make the necessary planning arrangements for an appropriate power-supply during the creation of the foundations.

Are Biohort products available in other colours?

Biohort products are only available in the colours specified. Custom colours are not available.

Is it possible to order Biohort products in other dimensions to suit my own personal requirements?

Apart from product-specific special solutions no custom-made designs are offered on non-standard dimensions.

Other downloads

Where can I purchase accessories for my Biohort products?

Replacements can be purchased directly form our customer service at

FAQ's concerning annexe CasaNova

What length of delivery time should I reckon with?

We will try to ensure that CasaNova is delivered within 4 weeks from receipt of order.

However, due to seasonal shortages, the delivery time may increase. Nonetheless, throughout the year we can guarantee a delivery time of within 6 weeks.

For direct delivery ("free kerbside") it is essential that you provide us with your telephone number where you are can be reached during the day. The shipping company will contact you to agree upon the time of delivery.

How is the CasaNova packed?

To protect the Annexe from damage during transportation, it is packaged in especially secure boxes.

However, due to seasonal shortages, the delivery time may increase. Nonetheless, throughout the year we can guarantee a delivery time of within 6 weeks.

The delivery is always made up of 1 vertical box (for doors and panels) and 2 horizontal boxes (uncoated and coated profiles). Additionally, the wood panels for the roof are supplied on a single non-returnable pallet (except size 3x2, 4x2 ==> packed in crates).

However, due to seasonal shortages, the delivery time may increase. Nonetheless, throughout the year we can guarantee a delivery time of within 6 weeks.

If an optional overhead sectional garage door is ordered, this will also be delivered on an additional pallet.

However, due to seasonal shortages, the delivery time may increase. Nonetheless, throughout the year we can guarantee a delivery time of within 6 weeks.

All accessories ordered (e.g. floor frame, floor panels, windows, BikeMax, etc.) will not increase the number of pallets. These will be packed in the boxes and only increase the weight of that particular transport unit.

Where can the doors be installed in CasaNova?

You can choose in which direction (to the right or left) and the position of the doors in any CasaNova.

A door will always replace an entire side wall panel of the Annexe. Both the standard and the additional doors can be installed in all 4 sides.

A double door can be installed in any of the 4 sides (except size 3x2).

However please note, for static reasons you must make sure that additional parts are required for mounting the 4, 5 and 6 m sides (short and long roof uprights, solid cross bar, extra screws and angles, ...) and are subject to a surcharge.

The easiest way to test the possible positions of the doors can be found under

Are the freight charges included in the price?

Yes! In Austria, Germany and Luxembourg, we deliver to the dealer or directly to the customer's address.

In France, Netherlands, Belgium and Spain we deliver to dealers store. The dealer then assumes responsibility fo the transport to the customer's address.

Prerequisite is that the delivery address is located on the mainland and the road is accessible for a 38t truck.

What does "delivery free of charge" really mean?

"Delivery Free of Charge" is the initial transport from our factory to the delivery address specified (mainland only), curbside, under the condition that the road is passable for a 38t truck.

When ordering from a market arrange a delivery week. Approx. 2-3 days before the actual delivery, the shipping company will contact you and the exact delivery date will be announced.

Make sure when ordering that you specify a phone number where you can be reached during the day.

Depending on the size of the goods ordered, please keep sufficient space free for the delivery.

"20 years guarantee" - for what, exactly?

20-year guarantee against rusting through of sheet metal parts and for damaged or unserviceable parts. Excluded from the warranty are: transport damage (this is liability of shipping company), damages incurred by faulty foundations and/or corrosive materials in the surroundings, indirect damages. The legal warranty period applies for wear and tear, moving parts, colour changes, plastic and rubber components. Here you can find our terms of guarantee. We will gladly send the details to you on request.

Is it possible to have a 'green roof' on CasaNova?

Varies depending on shed size:

  • 3x2, 4x2: Rear ca. 90 mm, Front ca. 76 mm
  • 3x3: Rear ca. 90 mm, Front ca. 68 mm
  • 3x4, 4x4: Rear ca. 90 mm, Front ca. 60 mm
  • 3x5, 4x5: Rear ca. 90 mm, Front ca. 52 mm
  • 3x6, 4x6: Rear ca. 90 mm, Front ca. 44 mm

Fine gravel should be laid out around the green area anyway. This will allow you to raise the landscape towards the center of the roof.

How long does it take to assemble CasaNova?

This all depends upon the following factors:

A) Skills of the 'assemblers'
B) Weather conditions (do not attempt assembly in strong winds!)
C) Space available for assembly
D) The accessories which were ordered
E) Chosen foundation option

Thanks to information provided by customers, it is possible for us to offer these guidelines (without accessories):

  • Size - Duration
  • 3x2 - 8 hr.
  • 3x3 - 9 hrs.
  • 3x4 - 10 hrs.
  • 3x5 - 11 hrs.
  • 3x6 - 12 hrs.
  • 4x2 - 9 hrs.
  • 4x4 - 11 hrs.
  • 4x5 - 12 hrs.
  • 4x6 - 13 hrs.

At least 2 people are required to assemble the CasaNova!

Can electrical installations be made inside CasaNova?

It is possible, as long as this is carried out in accordance with the appropriate health and safety regulations.

The cables can be easily directed through the frame profiles or behind surfaces. You should take the source of the power supply into account when planning the foundations.

The installation itself should, however, be carried out by a qualified electrician.

Are there legal restrictions regarding the erection of CasaNova?

The local building regulations vary considerably from region to region. Often these may vary according to the planned building area. Please inform yourself by contacting the local authorities, and ask if a building permit is required before buying the Annexe.

A building plan with detailed dimensions and static calculations based on EU valid EN-norms of the CasaNova is available from us. You can also download the static calculations directly from our homepage.

A plan of the standard building (with door) can be found in the assembly instructions. If necessary, a detailed plan can be requested directly from us. This will be custom-made for you (depending on the size, arrangement of doors / windows, etc.).

What is the max. snow load CasaNova can bear?

The roof of the CasaNova is designed to withstand a max. snow load of 215 kg/m². This is the equivalent of about 1.5 m wet snow. Do not forget to include the weight of a possible green roof!

Roof avalanches from neighbouring buildings can cause damage to the roof.

What form of ventilation is installed in CasaNova?

The all-round acrylic glass fanlight has sliding elements on the sidewalls of the shed and these can be opened for ventilation.

PLEASE NOTE: if the double glazing option is fitted the sliding function of the side windows is no longer available.

Why is it not possible to fit a folding table in size 3x2/4x2?

The folding table is hooked into 2 shelf rails. These in turn are attached to the lateral roof uprights.

The distance between two roof uprights is 100 cm. The distance from one corner post to a roof upright is however only 93 cm.

Since in shed size 3x2/4x2 only 2 corner posts and 1 roof support rail are installed on each side, the folding table can unfortunately not be fitted here.

Please note that by all other shed sizes it is not possible to mount the folding table in the corner!

Why is the overhead sectional garage door for size 3x3 only available without electric drive?

Due to the length of the rails required by the electric drive assembly, it is only possible to fit it from size 3x4 onwards.

How many BikeMax can be fitted inside a CasaNova?

The BikeMax is mounted on the top and bottom profiles (between horizontal braces).

  • 3x2: 4 pcs.
  • 3x3: 6 pcs.
  • 3x4: 8 pcs.
  • 3x5: 10 pcs.
  • 3x6: 12 pcs.
  • 4x2: 4 pcs.
  • 4x4: 8 pcs.
  • 4x5: 10 pcs.
  • 4x6: 12 pcs.

By the numbers indicated above, a space of 1 m between each bike is available. Theoretically, more than 1 BikeMax can be mountedbetween 2 uprights since the BikeMax is height adjustable by up to 11-positions.

How far can I open the door? How big is the angle?

The door opening angle of the double doors is 120° as standard. Due to the three-hole-position of the gas assisted spring damper, the angle is adjustable up to max. 135°.

Technická charakteristika

SizeBase dimensions exterior (WxL)Exterior dimensions in cm incl. roof overhang (WxLxH)Interior dimensions in cm without supports (WxLxH)Dimensions for foundation in cm (WxL)Weight (ca. kg)Door hinge positionArt.-No. metallic silverArt.-No. metallic dark grey
3x2 300x200 330x230x250 292x192x229 304x204 510 right 51010 52010
3x2 300x200 330x230x250 292x192x229 304x204 510 left 51014 52014
3x3 300x300 330x330x250 292x292x229 304x304 630 right 51011 52011
3x3 300x300 330x330x250 292x292x229 304x304 630 left 51015 52015
3x4 300x400 330x430x250 292x392x229 304x404 750 right 51012 52012
3x4 300x400 330x430x250 292x392x229 304x404 750 left 51016 52016
3x5 300x500 330x530x250 292x492x229 304x504 870 right 51013 52013
3x5 300x500 330x530x250 292x492x229 304x504 870 left 51017 52017
3x6 300x600 330x630x250 292x592x229 304x604 990 right 51018 52018
3x6 300x600 330x630x250 292x592x229 304x604 990 left 51019 52019
4x2 400x200 430x230x250 392x192x224 404x204 650 right 51020 52020
4x2 400x200 430x230x250 392x192x224 404x204 650 left 51024 52024
4x4 400x400 430x430x250 392x392x224 404x404 890 right 51022 52022
4x4 400x400 430x430x250 392x392x224 404x404 890 left 51026 52026
4x5 400x500 430x530x250 392x492x224 404x504 1010 right 51023 52023
4x5 400x500 430x530x250 392x492x224 404x504 1010 left 51027 52027
4x6 400x600 430x630x250 392x592x224 404x604 1130 right 51028 52028
4x6 400x600 430x630x250 392x592x224 404x604 1130 left 51029 52029
Type of doorClearance widthClearance height
Standard or side door 90 cm 198 cm
Double door 187 cm 198 cm
Sectional overhead garage door 236 cm 200 cm

Planning permission:
Due to the size of the CasaNova, make enquiries as to whether planning permission is required before you decide to purchase.
In some countries or districts the local building regulations may require you to make a formal application for building permission.
Returns and claims for refunds due to failure to obtain building permission will not be accepted by Biohort.

Snow load:
Thanks to its stable construction the CasaNova will withstand a snow load of ca. 215 kg/m² (minus additional roof loads).
This is the equivalent of approx. 1,5 m wet new snow.

Wind load:
The permissible wind load is equivalent to max. 1,60 kN/m². This corresponds to a wind-exposed location at an altitude of 3,000 m above sea level.

Construction of the side walls of the Annexe CasaNova

Zahradní domek Casanova

Zahradní domek Casanova

CasaNova roof construction

The roof construction of CasaNova consists of 22 mm thick 3-ply wood panelling and a covering layer of UV-resistant and root proof 1,52 mm thick EPDM-rubber sheeting: this reliably seals the roof from the elements.

Both the plywood and EPDM rubber sheeting are included in the CasaNova delivery. Thanks to this stable construction CasaNova can withstand a snowload of approx. 215 kg/m² (minus weight of additional roof loads). This is the equivalent to the weight of 1,5 m wet fresh snow.

From the EPDM rubber sheeting onwards, the customer can complete the roof structure as desired. As a matter of principle the roof construction should not be higher than 6 cm, otherwise it will jut out over the roof frame.

Zahradní domek Casanova

Version 1: Roof without insulation

In this variant, the EPDM-rubber sheeting is weighed down with either washed round gravel (stone size 16/32), flagstones or similar slabs. To protect the EPDM-sheeting a fleece or mat should always be laid out first.

Zahradní domek Casanova

Version 2: Roof with insulation

Additional roof insulation can be added by the customer in the form of XPS-hard foam panels.
These are simply laid on top of the UV resistant EPDM sheeting and then weighted down.

To weigh down the panels the customer can lay a mesh, spread gravel or place flagstones on top. If gravel is used, the XPS-hard foam panels should first be covered with a fleece as shown in the illustration.

With 3 cm of insulation a U-value of approximately 0.8 W / (m² K) can be achieved.

Zahradní domek Casanova

Version 3: ‘Green-Roof’

Since the EPDM-rubber sheeting is root-proof, the customer can plant roof vegetation if desired.

NOTE: Materials marked with* are NOT included in scope of delivery

Vzorník materiálu

Material Sample

Convince yourself of the excellent quality of the materials which Biohort uses. Ask for our colour sample package and we will gladly send this to you free of charge! The size of the material samples is 87 x 75 mm.

Please note, that not every product is available in every colour. For details, see the Biohort colour-list.

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